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Yurasov Igor Alekseevich, Doctor of sociological sciences, associate professor, professor of sub-department of informatics, mathematics and all humanities, Penza branch of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation (33b Kalinina street, Penza, Russia),
Bondarenko Vladimir Viktorovich, Doctor of economic sciences, professor, sub-department of management and marketing, director of Penza branch of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation (33b Kalinina street, Penza, Russia),
Tanina Maria Alekseevna, Candidate of economic sciences, head of sub-department of management and marketing, Penza branch of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation (33b Kalinina street, Penza, Russia),
Yudina Vera Aleksandrovna, Candidate of economic sciences, associate professor, sub-department of management and marketing, Penza branch of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation (33b Kalinina street, Penza, Russia),

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Background. The present work appears to be relevant due to a need of improvement of territorial public self-government in regions of the Russian Federation, usage of innovative computer networks for improvement of territorial management improvement. Local governments will be able to increase efficiency, using a mechanism of combined values that considers both social and economic aspects, which will be implemented into territorial communities by means of the information and communicative infrastructure. The purpose of the research is to conceptualize a notion, to describe principles of creation of technologies of impact-investment (changing investments) in territorial public self-governments (TPSG) and to model imrpovement technologies for local governments in regions.
Materials and methods. The research tasks were implemented using the methods approved in scientific practice: a system, structural, logical and comparative analysis, a content-analysis, analysis of documents, primary and secondary sociological researches reflecting results of socio-economic, cultural and political activities of local communities. The authors also conducted mass and expert polls of TPSG members (mass poll n = 350 people, expert poll n = 25 people), used general scientific principles of social phenomena analysis and specialized computer programs for statistical information processing, sociological imagination, methods of structural and factorial analysis, a method of TPSG development forecasting.
Results. The carried-out analysis of conceptual approaches to formation of concepts of «changing investments», «a model of TPSG system development in regions of Russia», «combined value of local government», «territorial network management» allows to view the problem of local government from a new perspective, in which there is a set of unresolved tasks connected, mainly, with passivity of local population. In the course of research the authors have formulated a definition, taking into account characteristics and components of changing investments, and developed the model of impact-investment system in development of the information and communicative infrastructure of a network of territorial public self-government.
Conclusions. The concept «changing investments» is connected with social responsibility of enterprises and organizations to the society. The changing investments (impact-investments) represent investments of money in companies and funds to achieve significant social, ecological results in addition to financial return, thus the paramount purpose is achievement of positive social effects and results. The key aspect of the concept of changing investments is an aspiration to profit in combination with benefits for society, solution of environmental problems and social justice.

Key words

changing investments, territorial public self-government, combined value of local government, territorial network management.

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